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Ideas with IMPACT 该倡议是否旨在通过提供资金包装和输出成功的教学方法来表彰和奖励有创新精神的教师. It supports teacher leaders, fosters sharing of best practices, and offers opportunities for professional growth. This network enhances student instruction and achievement, benefiting students with proven learning-promoting classroom experiences.

The Ideas with IMPACT program has a variety of components that include the following:

Idea Expo Workshop Disseminator 
Application Status: OPEN for 2024-25 School Year
Earn $750 to lead a workshop at the 2023 Idea Expo Teacher Conference. Disseminator Stipends offer teachers who have a proven, 成功的教学策略,有机会包装和营销他们的想法,通过领导研讨会的年度创意博览会教师会议其他教师.

Link:  2024 Idea Expo Workshop Disseminator Application

Ideas with IMPACT Innovator Grant
Application Status: OPEN for 2024-25 school year
Innovator Grants provide funds to teachers to develop and implement new, instructional projects that motivate and challenge students to learn. Submitted proposals should be innovative, unique classroom projects that enliven and enrich the curriculum. Many past grants have included interdisciplinary, active-learning, hands-on lessons. 其他人则通过模拟或将学校作业应用到现实生活中来加强学习. Grants range from $300 - $1,000.

Link to Innovator Grant Application

Ideas with IMPACT Adapter Grant
Application Status: Closed. Apply after the 2024 Idea Expo (October)

Adapter Grants provide funds to teachers, 希望改编AG亚游集团官方网站Ideas with IMPACT目录或Idea EXPO - the Teacher Conference中的任何项目. Grants range from $150-$400. Here are the application steps:

Register for and attend the Idea EXPO (required, 由于宗教信仰和/或残疾而不能参加的教师除外)

Select an idea from one of the Ideas with IMPACT catalogs, current or past.

Complete and submit an Adapter application. 一定要包括你的创造性修改和你将如何使用拨款资金的详细预算. 


Idea Packets
An Idea Packet containing course outlines, lesson plans, resource lists, bibliographies, student worksheets, student samples, and other tools is available for every workshop offered at current and past Idea EXPOS. To view free Idea Packets, click here. 

The Idea EXPO Teacher Conference 
One of the largest "by-teacher, for-teacher" conferences in South Florida, the Idea EXPO brings more than 500 educators together once a year to network and share teaching strategies. The Idea EXPO features 70+ workshops led by teachers, a keynote address, free curriculum packets, breakfast, lunch, prize giveaways and much more. Click here to find out more now!  

Ideas with IMPACT Catalog   
An essential component to the Ideas with IMPACT program is the Ideas with IMPACT catalog, which is published and distributed annually to every teacher in Miami-Dade County Public Schools. This catalog is a resource of teachers' proven ideas, with each page containing a different teaching strategy, information on the students for whom it is appropriate, standards met when implementing the lessons, and contact information for each Disseminator teacher. The teaching ideas in the Ideas with IMPACT catalog, created by teachers for teachers, can be used exactly as they are or modified to meet a classroom's special needs. Subject areas covered include STEM/STEAM,  language arts, math/science, social studies, health, technology, varying exceptionalities, and interdisciplinary. 教师们被鼓励使用目录作为一个想法文件,并随身携带,以备全年参考. Ideas with IMPACT catalogs are available to view for every year since 1990. Download the Latest Catalog

For more information, please call:
305.558.4544, ext.113
or email Ideas with IMPACT Program Manager 



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